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Fund Raising on Campus, Authorization of UO Policy Statement 06.00.04
Fund Raising Oregon Administrative Rule 571.011
Freedom of Inquiry and Free Speech UO Policy Statement 01.00.16
Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Reporting Internal Management Directive IMD 5 IV.02.03
Flexible Work Arrangements UO Policy Statement V.04.02
Firearms IV.05.05
Financial Irregularities UO Policy Statement 06.00.09
Financial Aid to Students, General Policy Internal Management Directive IMD 3.010-015
Finance and Business Affairs Internal Management Directive IMD 6
Fellowships: Payment of Uncompensated Salary and Other Personnel Expenses (OPE) on Major Fellowships UO Policy Statement 02.01.09
Family Relationships and Employment Oregon Administrative Rule 571.004.0005
Family Housing Rental Rates, Fees, Charges and Eligibility Oregon Administrative Rule 571.022.0100-0105 III.02.04
Family Housing Governance Oregon Administrative Rule 571.022.0020-80 III.02.02
Faculty: Tenure Extension of Probationary Period Because of New Baby or Childbirth or Adoption UO Policy Statement 02.01.05
Faculty: Special Stipends UO Policy Statement 02.01.12
Faculty: Salary Information Provided to Finalist Candidates UO Policy Statement 02.01.11
Faculty: Salary Adjustments UO Policy Statement 02.01.07
Faculty: Rights and Privileges of Emeritus Faculty UO Policy Statement 02.01.10
Faculty: Promotion Salary Statement UO Policy Statement 02.01.06
Faculty: Promotion and Tenure Files - Access to Information in the Closed Portion UO Policy Statement 02.01.16
Faculty: Parental Accommodation Policy for Officers of Instruction UO Policy Statement 02.01.19
Faculty: Overload Compensation UO Policy Statement 02.01.18
Faculty: Non-Tenure Track Faculty (NTTF) UO Policy Statement 02.01.20
Faculty: Merit Increase Factors UO Policy Statement 02.01.03 II.03.04
Faculty: Internal Candidates, Guidelines for Search Processes UO Policy Statement 02.01.02
Faculty: Initial Hire Salary Factors UO Policy Statement 02.01.08
Faculty: Hiring of Tenure-Related Faculty Without Terminal Degrees UO Policy Statement 02.01.14
Faculty Records Policy Oregon Administrative Rule 571.030
Faculty Career Support Program Internal Management Directive IMD 4.001
Facilities, Naming of IV.07.01
Facilities Scheduling UO Policy Statement 4.00.05 IV.07.08
Facilities and Operations, Closure Of IV.07.02