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A note about policy numbering...

The policy numbering system is a bit confusing right now, but we are working to fix that. The UO inherited hundreds of Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs), Oregon University System (OUS) policies, and OUS Internal Management Directives (IMDs) when governance transitioned from a state board to an independent board.  Those were added to an already big library of UO policy statements. Thus, there is now one policy library containing items previously organized under four different numbering schemes (see “Original Source” column below). Every policy is going through a review to ensure it is necessary, effective, and current.  When a policy’s review is complete, it will get assigned a number under a new taxonomy (“Policy #” column below). Until this process is complete, inherited and older policies will retain their prior number (“Original #” below).  THANK YOU for your patience during this time of transition. 

Please email uopolicy@uoregon.edu for any questions. If you would like to propose a new policy or the repeal or revision of an existing policy, please use PDF icon this concept form.


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Title Original Source Original # Policy #sort descending
Information and Communications Technology Accessibility UO Policy Statement N/A
Faculty: Special Stipends UO Policy Statement 02.01.12
Employee Morale-Building Event Expenditures UO Policy Statement 06.00.12
Intercollegiate Athletics Internal Management Directive IMD 8
Undergraduate Transfer and Articulation Internal Management Directive IMD 2.035
Surplus Property Disposal Oregon Administrative Rule 580.040.0300-311
Faculty: Promotion and Tenure Files - Access to Information in the Closed Portion UO Policy Statement 02.01.16
Tenure and Promotion Oregon Administrative Rule 580.021.0100-135
Appointment and Promotion of Instructors and Senior Instructors UO Policy Statement 02.01.01
Faculty: Promotion Salary Statement UO Policy Statement 02.01.06
Admission Policy, Second Language OUS Board Policy OUS 07
Admission Requirements Oregon Administrative Rule 580.010.0001-5
Review of Admission Requirements Internal Management Directive IMD 3.001-005
Candidates for Public Office OUS Board Policy 580.022.0015
Equipment UO Policy Statement 04.00.06
Faculty: Internal Candidates, Guidelines for Search Processes UO Policy Statement 02.01.02
Faculty: Tenure Extension of Probationary Period Because of New Baby or Childbirth or Adoption UO Policy Statement 02.01.05
Community College Transfer OUS Board Policy OUS 15
Financial Aid to Students, General Policy Internal Management Directive IMD 3.010-015
Fund Raising Oregon Administrative Rule 571.011
Fund Raising on Campus, Authorization of UO Policy Statement 06.00.04
Resignations and Terminations Oregon Administrative Rule 580.021.0300-470
Definition of Unclassified Staff Oregon Administrative Rule 580.020.0006
Faculty: Overload Compensation UO Policy Statement 02.01.18
Equity Salary Review UO Policy Statement 02.01.04
Diversity OUS Board Policy OUS 20
Faculty Records Policy Oregon Administrative Rule 571.030
Copyright Royalty Income (Distribution of) UO Policy Statement 06.00.05
Financial Irregularities UO Policy Statement 06.00.09
Availability to Faculty Members of Objective Information Oregon Administrative Rule 580.022.0115
Compensation Oregon Administrative Rule 580.020.0010-0100
Faculty: Salary Adjustments UO Policy Statement 02.01.07
Family Relationships and Employment Oregon Administrative Rule 571.004.0005
Fellowships: Payment of Uncompensated Salary and Other Personnel Expenses (OPE) on Major Fellowships UO Policy Statement 02.01.09
Drug-free Workplace UO Policy Statement 03.04.03
Student Loan Debt Management and Outreach OUS Board Policy OUS 49
Faculty: Parental Accommodation Policy for Officers of Instruction UO Policy Statement 02.01.19
Faculty Career Support Program Internal Management Directive IMD 4.001
Retention of Evaluative Materials Oregon Administrative Rule 580.022.0110
Proscribed Conduct Oregon Administrative Rule 580.022.0045
Faculty: Initial Hire Salary Factors UO Policy Statement 02.01.08
Post Tenure Review UO Policy Statement 02.01.17
Written Reprimands UO Policy Statement 03.04.04
Faculty: Non-Tenure Track Faculty (NTTF) UO Policy Statement 02.01.20
Finance and Business Affairs Internal Management Directive IMD 6
Gifts, Grants, and Contract Management Oregon Administrative Rule 580.042
Community Standards Affirmation UO Policy Statement 01.00.10
Employment of More than One Member of Household Oregon Administrative Rule 580.022.0055
Faculty: Salary Information Provided to Finalist Candidates UO Policy Statement 02.01.11
Commercial and Charitable Solicitations, Commercial Transactions Oregon Administrative Rule 571.050.0030
Tandem Appointments Oregon Administrative Rule 571.004.0010
Faculty: Hiring of Tenure-Related Faculty Without Terminal Degrees UO Policy Statement 02.01.14
Conditions of Service Oregon Administrative Rule 580.021.0005-55
Criminal, Credit and Related Background Checks on Applicants for University Positions UO Policy Statement 03.09.01
Professional Development and Training Policy UO Policy Statement 03.08.01
Retention and Delegation of Authority I.01.01
University Foundation I.01.02
Use of Seal, Logo and Related I.01.03
Trademark Licensing UO Policy Statement 07.00.03 I.01.04
Legal Review of Agreements and Documents Internal Management Directive IMD 7 I.02.01
Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, and Outside Activities UO Policy Statement 09.00.05 I.02.02
University Policies I.03.01
Community Dispute Resolution Program Oregon Administrative Rule 571.100 I.03.02
Academic Calendar Internal Management Directive IMD 2.025 II.01.01
Cancellation of Classes UO Policy Statement 02.99.01 II.01.05
Academic Continuity and Emergency Grades UO Policy Statement N/A II.01.06
Posthumous Degrees, Conferral Of UO Policy Statement II.01.50
Search Procedures for Academic Administrator Positions II.02.02
Faculty: Rights and Privileges of Faculty Retired With Merit UO Policy Statement II.02.03
Expedited Tenure UO Policy Statement II.02.04
Academic Classification and Rank UO Policy Statement II.02.05
Faculty: Merit Increase Factors UO Policy Statement 02.01.03 II.03.04
Sabbatical Leave UO Policy Statement II.03.05
Naming Academic Units UO Policy Statement II.03.06
Academic Freedom, Freedom of Inquiry, and Free Speech UO Policy (New) II.05.01
Research: Financial Conflict of Interest in UO Policy Statement 09.00.04 II.06.01
Allegations of Research Misconduct UO Policy Statement 09.00.02 II.06.02
Research: Classified Research UO Policy Statement II.06.03
Proprietary Research UO Policy Statement II.06.05
Human Research Protection Program II.06.06
Licensing Income Distribution UO Policy Statement 09.00.06 II.07.01
Inventions, License Agreements, Educational & Professional Materials Development, Patents & Copyrights Oregon Administrative Rule 580.43.0006-0016 II.07.02
Museum of Art Oregon Administrative Rule 571.051 II.08.01
Honorary Degrees, Granting of UO Policy Statement 01.00.05 II.08.03
Student Conduct Code Oregon Administrative Rule 571.021 III.01.01
Student Eligibility for Activities UO Policy Statement 05.00.03 III.01.02
Residence Hall Governance Oregon Administrative Rule 571.022.0005-15 III.02.01
Family Housing Governance Oregon Administrative Rule 571.022.0020-80 III.02.02
Student Housing Oregon Administrative Rule 580.011.0015-0040 III.02.03
Family Housing Rental Rates, Fees, Charges and Eligibility Oregon Administrative Rule 571.022.0100-0105 III.02.04
Residence Halls, Reimbursement for Space Used on a Temporary Basis OUS 43 III.02.05
Tuition and Fee Policy Book III.03.01
Incidental Fee Authorization UO Policy Statement III.03.02
Use of Student Building Fees Oregon Administrative Rule 580.010.0100-140 III.03.03
Student Health Services Oregon Administrative Rule 580.011.0005 III.04.01
Health Insurance Requirements for International Students and Their Dependents Oregon Administrative Rule 571.004.0015 III.04.04
Required Immunizations Oregon Administrative Rule 571.004.0016 III.04.05
Confidentiality of Client/Patient Health Care and Survivors' Services Information III.05.02
Student Records Oregon Administrative Rule 571.020 III.05.03
Student Records Oregon Administrative Rule 580.013 III.05.04
Student Leave Oregon Administrative Rule 571.023 III.05.05
Subpoenas of Student Records UO Policy Statement 01.00.08 III.05.06
Athletic Department Substance Use and Drug Testing III.07.01
Residence Classification Oregon Administrative Rule 580.010.0029-47 III.08.01
Credit for University Courses Taught in High Schools Internal Management Directive IMD 2.030 III.08.06
Preferred First Name UO Policy Statement 05.00.05 III.09.01
Recruiting UO Students for Employment Opportunities UO Policy Statement 01.00.09 III.09.02
Code of Ethics IV.02.01
Internal Controls IV.02.02
Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Reporting Internal Management Directive IMD 5 IV.02.03
Treasury Management IV.03.01
Payment Card Acceptance IV.04.01
Travel Policy UO Policy Statement IV.04.02
Charging Administrative Overhead Costs UO Policy Statement IV.04.03
Payment Options for Mobile Technology UO Policy Statement 06.00.11 IV.04.04
University Fiscal Policy UO Policy Statement IV.04.05
Electronic Signatures UO Policy Statement N/A IV.04.06
Printing and Mailing 06.00.01 IV.04.29
Mail and Delivery Service on Campus IV.04.30
Safety - Physical Space and Environment UO Policy Statement 08.00.02 and 08.00.07 IV.05.01
Animal Control Oregon Administrative Rule 571.050.0025 IV.05.02
Physical and Environmental Security UO Policy Statement IV.05.03
Campus Visitors UO Policy Statement 01.00.04 IV.05.04
Firearms IV.05.05
Protection of Minors and Reporting of Child Abuse UO Policy Statement IV.05.06
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Policy UO Policy Statement IV.05.07
Campus Violence Prevention UO Policy Statement IV.05.08
Information Security Program IV.06.01
Information Asset Classification & Management UO Policy Statement IV.06.02 Data Classification IV.06.02
Data Security Incident Response IV.06.03
Computing Priorities: Research and Instructional IV.06.04
Mobile Technology, Access To IV.06.05
Use of Email for Official and Mass Communications UO Policy Statement IV.06.07
Facilities, Naming of IV.07.01
Facilities and Operations, Closure Of IV.07.02
Access Control Oregon Administrative Rule 571.050.0035 IV.07.03
Articles and Activities Prohibited at Athletic Facilities Oregon Administrative Rule 571.050.0011 IV.07.04
Environment and Sustainability UO Policy Statement 01.00.13 IV.07.05
Real Property, Space Use and Facilities Planning Oregon Administrative Rule 580.060 IV.07.06
Campus Planning UO Policy Statement 4.00.08 IV.07.07
Facilities Scheduling UO Policy Statement 4.00.05 IV.07.08
Smoke and Tobacco-Free University Oregon Administrative Rule IV.07.09
Construction and Contracting Oregon Administrative Rule 580.063 IV.07.10
Bicycles and Other Personal Transportation Devices UO Policy Statement IV.08.01
Parking Oregon Administrative Rule 571.010.0005-65 IV.08.02
Vehicles UO Policy Statement 08.00.01; 08.00.03; 571.010.0100-0140; 580.040.0025-0030 IV.08.03
Catering Services on Campus UO Policy Statement 04.00.01 IV.09.01
Procurement and Contracting: Code of Ethics IV.09.02
Strategic Purchasing of Services and Goods UO Policy Statement IV.09.03
Equity Contracting, Purchasing, and Data Reporting Procedures OUS Board Policy OUS 23 IV.09.04
Purchasing and Contracts for Goods and Services Oregon Administrative Rule 580.062 IV.09.05
Procurement and Contracting OUS Board Policy 580.061 IV.09.06
University Records Management IV.10.01
University Venture Development Funds 580.043.0060-0100 IV.11.05
Academic Employment: Appointment, Promotion, Tenure & Salary Procedures OUS Board Policy OUS 03 OUS 03
Class Size OUS Board Policy OUS 13
Consensual Relationships OUS 17
Equal Opportunity OUS Board Policy V.01.01
Work Life UO Policy Statement V.04.01
Flexible Work Arrangements UO Policy Statement V.04.02
__Conflicts of Interest and Abuses of Power: Sexual, Physically Intimate, or Romantic Relationships with Students Oregon Administrative Rule V.04.05
Conflicts of Interest and Abuses of Power: Sexual, Physically Intimate, or Romantic Relationships with Students UO Policy Statement OAR 571.4.0007 V.04.05
Officer of Administration (OA) Performance Management V.06.01
Officer of Administration (OA) Separations V.08.01
Parental Leave UO Policy Statement V.09.01
Officer of Administration (OA) Time Off V.09.02
Holidays Oregon Administrative Rule OAR 580.22.0025-0040 V.09.03
Political Activities V.11.01
Prohibited Discrimination and Retaliation UO Policy Statement V.11.02
Tuition Discounts UO Policy Statement V.11.03
Officer of Administration (OA) Employment UO Policy Statement V.11.04
Officer of Administration (OA) Grievances UO Policy Statement V.11.05
Employee Grievance Policy Oregon Administrative Rule 571.003 V.11.06
Student Grievance Policy UO Policy (New) V.11.07
Relationships with State Government OUS Board Policy 580.022.0020 V.11.09